More room in the room

We live in it. The space that surrounds us defines our present lifestyle. On the move ... at work ... and above all at home. This is why it should be carefully considered, convenient and aesthetically pleasing. 

Space is precious, and is becoming more so. Because urbanisation of the world has long been in progress. Even today, most of the world's population lives in urban environments, by 2030 it is likely to be 70 per cent of all people. This will add more and more weight to one question: how can space be used particularly efficiently and sensibly?

Efficient and ergonomic

Creating perfect rooms for living and working in is a matter for the professionals: interior and furniture designers. And, of course, sliding door systems that are simply perfect for meeting all of the demands on modern home and work environments – while also making sensible use of every inch of space.

Sliding door systems leave no margin of doubt:

  • Easy to open and close
  • Open doors are never in the way
  • Ideal for barrier free home and work environments
  • Space efficient and space saving

Straight lines and generous proportions

Do you think in straight lines? Do you appreciate clarity – also when it comes to design? In that case, you will feel very much at home with sliding door systems. And can enjoy what you have always wanted: a home with personality.

Sliding door systems fascinate:

  • Impressive, large surface elements with reveals you can hardly see
  • Clean looking, distinctive style
  • Combination of open and closed segments
  • Lightness and transparency from glass

Making sense and appealing to the senses

Practical or aesthetic? Sensible or impulsive? Rational or gut instinct? Countless decisions need to be made every day. Sliding doors make this easy. Because they are both – they make sense and also appeal to the senses!

Sliding door systems pamper:

  • Opening and closing convenience
  • Smooth and quiet running action
  • "Silent System" for gentle, non colliding opening and closing
  • Reliable quality and long service life