Anyone seeking peace needs to get out of town. Or go home. Or to the office.

This is where you can leave the noisy hustle and bustle behind you, feel at ease, relax and take a deep breath. Because here there are no noises that need't be. Like squeaking cabinet doors. Sliding door systems from Hettich close so gently and inaudibly quietly that you can soon forget what is going on outside.

Make furniture an experience: Silent Systems from Hettich.

Sliding doors benefiting from Silent System bring a relaxed atmosphere to the home.

The door is set into motion with an elegant turn of the hand. A moment later, the sliding door's linear movement comes to an end gently and inaudibly quietly. Time and again, this technical elegance is an experience to savour. And balm for the soul.

Ergonomic and simple. For everyone.

No none goes "short": with their unique ergonomics, sliding doors are particularly family friendly.



Sliding doors are particularly easy and convenient to use. Also for children, older people and the disabled. Because a simple movement of the hand is all it takes to open and close the doors gently and quietly.

Gentle on furniture. Protects fingers.

No trapped fingers ever again! Silent System protects hands both large and small.

Silent System automatically slows the door down as it closes, bringing it to a gentle halt. All very safely.

Whisper quiet. Invisibly smart.

Wonderfully invisible: purist furniture design is perfectly complemented by Hettich technology.

Great performing sliding door systems, multi directional Silent System … and none of this is visible to the eye. Because fully concealed systems in no way detract from the design of the furniture. And equally as important: no storage space is lost either. The perfect synergy of individual design and intelligent technology.

Totally practical

Silent System - in all directions

Sliding door systems from Hettich are full of highly practical technology. The integrated Silent System, for example, not only slows doors down on closing but also cushions movement on opening them and also in the colliding direction, i.e. when two doors are pushed towards each other.

Efficient and fast

Easy installation: time saving and cost efficient

What if you could save lots of time installing the Silent System because it is designed so intelligently that it is simply quicker to do? That can easily happen to you with Hettich fast assembly.

Silent System

The fully concealed Silent System brings softly cushioned action to sliding doors in every direction: on opening them, on closing them and on colliding with another door.

Presented below is an overview of the Hettich systems that are used particularly often. It shows the number and positioning of sliding doors as well as the direction(s) in which the door action is gently cushioned.

Top and bottom running sliding door systems

InLine XL

InLine S

Top-running sliding door systems

TopLine XL

TopLine L – door movement on the top panel

TopLine L – door movement in front of the top panel

TopLine M

SysLine S

Bottom-running sliding door systems

SlideLine M

SlideLine 55 Plus