It all starts with the customer's wishes. And they can be quite demanding: efficient use of even the smallest of spaces, multi functional and barrier free living, cabinets with unusual dimensions, heavy doors, handleless fronts – and, on top of this of course, flush fitted. A problem? Not for you. Because Hettich has the perfect sliding door system for any need and situation. And with the clearly presented, constantly updated information at you will quickly find the right solution for whatever your customer is looking for.

Why you can meet any demand with Hettich:

Do you want to offer individually tailored, attractive furniture to different target groups? With Hettich as your partner, you can do this with effortless ease. Whether intelligent solutions for space saving, efficient storage or luxurious systems for floor to ceiling sliding door concepts: leaving you in no doubt, Hettich can give you the technically perfected, cost-effective solution for any market segment and any specific furniture idea.

Whatever the segment, Hettich sliding door systems come with an unbeatably high level of quality, convenience and functionality. What's more, fast, easy installation also reduces your production costs.

A world full of ideas: This time under the spotlight – SlideLine M

Design upgrade for furniture. SlideLine M upgrades the practical value and design of furniture. Living room units and shelf systems. Kitchen wall units and bathroom furniture. And, of course, office cabinets too. The versatile system is suitable for all common furniture constructions.

Wooden, glass or aluminium framed doors weighing up to 30 kg can be installed quickly and easily. Profiles are available for several shelf thicknesses. Sliding doors running one in front of the other in one profile are also easy to produce. The Silent System is integrated on the running component and slows down door running action in closing, opening and colliding direction.

    • Fantastically stylish

    • Unbelievably versatile

    • Surprisingly practical

    • Astonishingly flexible

    • Incredibly smooth running